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If you are looking for a Green building that is

superinsulated, stronger than any other structure available, that is highly fire resistant, and takes any siding available, you have come to the right place.

GBS can help you to understand why ICF's make the most sense in this building era where rising energy prices go higher every year. ICF's, around for the last 50 years are starting to really take off as a building method as customers like yourselves search for the best housing options available.

We build homes utilizing Logix Insulated Concrete Forms, a method of building that constructs reinforced masonry structures with highly insulative Expanded Polystyrene forms with built in plastic studs. These shells lend them selves to any type of architectural style and choice of siding inside and out.

Spend a few minutes with us and click through the rest of the web site. You'll find what resources are available, pictures of present and past projects, other products offered by GBS, and an online forum where we can respond to your questions with our thirty five years of experience in the construction field.

GBS Project Portfolio Photo Galleries
Alpine Clinic, Franconia Notch, NH
Jesse Lee Village, Wells Maine
Cumbee Project, NH
Richer Retirement Home, NH
Click to listen to audio interview with owners of this home. Includes 4.5 MB MP3 file.
Cross Residence, NH - The first project completed by GBS
Riggs Residence, NH - a nautical themed home built with Logix ICF
Norton Residence, NH
Other projects...
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Slideshow of GBS Projects
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