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LogixICF web site

Videos of LogixICF in action...

Click to view videos on the LogixICF web site

"Pushing the Energy Envelope With ICFs"

This online article by Vera Novak clearly and concisely explains some of the major energy efficiency benefits of building with ICF products. A MUST read! For more great information from her ongoing Blog see the lik below.

EcoBuildTRENDS Blog, by Vera Novak

"Your authority on Green Building Techniques as we boldly go forwards toward Net-Zero"

Vera's online blog continues to follow developing trends and new information relating to building for energy efficiency and focusing on the use of ICF. To view her blog click here...

A photo Slideshow of NHICF projects

Click to view an slideshow of NHICF projects...

Other Resources...

We will soon be adding a variety of additional resources including more useful links, project photos, and downloadable PDF documents.




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